Machine.Fakes Needs Your Help

If you ask me about my personal highlights in 2011 (technology wise), I would probably name Machine.Fakes as one of those. Writing and using it has been such a tremendous amount of fun and was the source of getting to know lots of interesting people.

As technology is the battlefield of opinionated minds, not every feedback I received was pleasant (especially from the Belgian “what’s wrong with good old unit test” brigade), but overall I’m very pleased with the perception and the feedback for the framework.

As you may have noticed, I recently made a big technology switch. Since the start of the year I spend most of the time working with Ruby on Rails on OSX. Originally I thought Mono would give me a great opportunity to continue using Machine.Fakes, but as it turns out I currently just don’t have the time to do that. Maintaining a tool/framework without actually using it on a daily basis feels just wrong. In retrospective I think I must have anticipated something like this last year, when Alexander Gross and I moved Machine.Fakes into the Machine organization on Github.

The worst future for Machine.Fakes I can imagine, is that it becomes just another abandoned .NET open source framework, like all the dead ones on Codeplex. So this is my call for help:

If you’re using Machine.Fakes and are willing to take over as the active maintainer, please drop me a line. I will assist you as good as I can in order to make this happen!