Composite Apps

I’m currently in the process of preparing material for a workshop at my current client. The workshop will be mainly focused on implementing client-side Composite Apps with the Composite UI Application Block / SCSF but it’ll also contain a large portion about Composite Apps in general. While the CAB / SCSF is good documented in several blogs, I’m not aware of a good overview on the general part of Composite Apps, especially when it comes to typical pitfalls of such architectures and how to avoid them. I believe that a lot of the problems related to such architectures are reoccuring (like patterns). At least I’ve seen them on the last three apps I worked on. Bottomline: I thought it might be a good idea to share my current view on the topic and discuss it in further posts. Stuff I’m planing to cover:

  • What is actually a Composite App?
  • When should you invest in a composite architecture?
  • Typical pitfall: Assembly explosion
  • Typical pitfall: The composite monolith aka broken module autonomy (This will probably be more than just one post)
  • Typical pitfall: Nontransparent remote calls
  • Typical pitfall: Synchronous communication

The index of content is work in progress and I don’t consider it to be complete. Feel free to post any suggestions and feedback …

Stay tuned for more !