Nothing but .NET Germany - Half Time Recap

We’re now half way through the course and I must say that it’s even a better experience than I originally expected. I’ve got to know a lot of very interesting, smart and also very kind people this week. The chemistry in the course is just amazing. The course itself is radically different from any training I’ve ever received. The level of interaction between JP and the participants is REALLY high. The content of the course is worth a lot of posts. Just to give you a sneak peak on what we’re currently doing: We’re actually developing software. JP showed not a single PowerPoint-slide this week. In a Jeremy Miller you could headline some of the things we’re currently developing “Build your own ASP.NET MVC”. We’re basically developing a web application from scratch

  1. based on a FronController architecture …
  2. build iterative in a top down manner …
  3. in pair programming sessions …
  4. using a test first approach with BDD … .
  5. continuously integrated …
  6. with extensive usage of fluent interfaces / internal DSLs.

It’s a bit like being a kid at toy shop (of course in a developer way ;-) ) . It’s pretty exhausting, though. To give you an idea how long a day with JP can actually be:

  1. Monday 14h
  2. Thursday 14h
  3. Wednesday 16h

Conclusion There is one thing I can already say at the current stage of the course: If you ever get the opportunity to be a week with JP and you’re passionate about .NET software development: DON’T MISS IT.