My original website launched summer 2002 and accompanied myself until I finished my studies back in 2005. My first real job as a software developer consumed most of the time I was previously spending on my website. In fact, it has been left untouched since I left the university. The idea of revamping my website has been on my mind for quite a while now, but I didn’t have time and patience until now to actually do it. I would like to use this website in order to write about things I really care about in software development and things I’m trying to convey to my colleagues every day. Besides that I would like to share and to discuss my experience with certain patterns, methodologies, architectures, etc. with interested folks out there. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Creating composite GUI-applications with a high amount of testable code,
  • Experiences in applying variations of the Model View Presenter pattern,
  • Dependency breaking techniques in legacy code in order to get it under test,
  • Distributed domain driven design,
  • and general stuff around TDD, agile methodologies and object-oriented design.

Cheers, Björn Rochel

P.S.: While you are reading this you maybe ask yourself: “Why does this german guy write his blog in English?”. On the one hand it’s a thing I need to practice, because my English has become quite a bit rusty since I left school. Besides that it enables me to talk to a much greater audience.